Monitored underground parking spaces

Monitoring parking spaces using LoRaWAN

A costumer of adnexo has rented a number of parking spaces in a multi-storey car park, which are located on different floors. In order to save the employees time and nerves, they were looking for a simple parking guidance system that could be installed without screws and cables and therefore approached adnexo. With the help of our specially developed ax-dist distance sensor, it can be reliably determined whether a car is in the parking lot. This information is then sent via the LPN of Swisscom and processed on a server. A dashboard informs the employees on which floor there are still free parking spaces.

Overview Uplink Packets

LoRaWAN Management Platform

LoRaWAN is a low-power wide-area network technology used to communicate with IoT devices. There are different providers who provide a LoRaWAN network. Since LoRaWAN only standardizes the path from the end device to the network provider’s infrastructure, the interface to the end application must be developed anew for each network provider. Also, many IoT devices are out in the field …