Monitoring parking spaces using LoRaWAN

Monitored underground parking spaces

A costumer of adnexo has rented a number of parking spaces in a multi-storey car park, which are located on different floors. In order to save the employees time and nerves, they were looking for a simple solution for monitoring their parking spaces that could be installed without screws and cables and therefore approached adnexo. With the help of our specially developed ax-dist distance sensor, it can be reliably determined whether a car is in the parking lot. This information is then sent via the LPN of Swisscom and processed on a server. A dashboard informs the employees on which floor there are still free parking spaces.

Proven measurement technology combined with modern radio protocol

As is already common practice in larger car parks, ultrasonic sensors measure distances in regular intervals. A new feature is the use of the wireless network protocol LoRaWAN: If the distance has changed significantly, a message is sent via the LoRaWAN. Thanks to Swisscom’s LPN, 96.7% of the Swiss population is already within range of the network. If there is no reception, the network can be easily expanded with the help of new gateways. By using LoRaWAN, the sensors can simply be attached to the ceiling, as cabling is no longer necessary.

Years of battery life thanks to sophisticated engineering

Since messages are only sent when really necessary, battery life can be maximized. This reduces maintenance intervals, making our solution practical to use. When no measurement is required, the sensor automatically goes into a so-called deep-sleep mode, which consumes virtually no power. Since the interval of the measurement can be conveniently configured remotely as required, the maintenance cycle can also be optimized accordingly.

Keep it simple

The developed application fulfills its task precisely, without distracting frills. The dashboard clearly shows how many parking spaces are still available on each floor. This means that the driver can decide in the blink of an eye which floor to drive to. If the battery level of a sensor reaches a critical value, the responsible person is notified by e-mail early enough and can plan the recharging of the battery; manual monitoring is not necessary. The application has been developed with technologies that are available on any standard web hosting, so that our customers do not have to operate a new or unknown infrastructure. It also complies with current security standards; for example, communication between the sensors and the end application is encrypted.


System overview of our parking solution
System overview of our parking solution

Analysis of the collected data

Since all data is stored securely, analyses can be carried out. For example, the utilization of parking spaces can be calculated, which supports the decision to cancel individual parking spaces or rent new ones.

Distance sensors as all-purpose devices

Distance sensors cannot only be used for monitoring parking spaces. They can also be used for level measurement in silos, tanks or waste bins, thus ensuring optimum utilisation of logistics.


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